Henry Roundtrip Marton Newman is a multi-hyphenate artist working in New York City. Using light and transparency as his primary medium, Henry explores how the mental and physical experience of loss or absence can be reconstructed into rewarding new forms.

Contact me at: henryRMnewman@gmail.com

  1. Love Escapes Extinction
  2. Golden Rainbow
  3. Untitled (For Ross)
  4. My Sources Are Confidential
  5. Light! 1
  6. Light! 2
  7. Nowhere


Love Escapes Extinction is an instillation which spanned the entierety of an apartement in Providence, RI. 


From top to bottom: Untitled (Figures), body soap. Cobwebs, Human Hair. Piss Lamp (Pt.2), Borax, Piss, Hardware. 

Upon exiting the show, each attendant was given a printout, pictured below: