Henry Roundtrip Marton Newman is a multi-hyphenate artist working between Providence, RI and New York City, and is currently finishing a BA in sculpture at Rhode Island School of Design. Using light and transparency as his primary medium, Henry explores how the mental and physical experience of loss or absence can be reconstructed into rewarding new forms. Contact me at: henryRMnewman@gmail.com

  1. Golden Rainbow
  2. Untitled (For Ross)
  3. Light! 1
  4. Light! 2
  5. Nowhere
  6. Projections 


Golden Rainbow is a standing lamp made of urine. The process of creating the lamp consisted of growing crystals within a piss solution, resulting in  a lamp-shade like object which is suspended over the lightbulb. Upon entering the room, it is inevitable that one will be bathed within it’s light. However, to what extent, it is up to the viewer. The lamp is made of metal hardware, monofilament, borax, piss. 2020.