Henry Roundtrip Marton Newman is a multi-hyphenate artist working in New York City. Using light and transparency as his primary medium, Henry explores how the mental and physical experience of loss or absence can be reconstructed into rewarding new forms.

Contact me at: henryRMnewman@gmail.com

  1. Love Escapes Extinction
  2. Golden Rainbow
  3. Untitled (For Ross)
  4. My Sources Are Confidential
  5. Light! 1
  6. Light! 2
  7. Nowhere


Light! 2 is recorded simutaniously between the bed and projection of an overhead projector. A poem written by the artist is overlayed across both channels. Light! 2 explores the relationship which light has to memory, melancholia, and communication. Written, filmed, executed, and edited by artist. 2019.


Finding and

Seeing a brilliance under the panels.

        The light drowns through my east facing windows
        steals my first thought in morning,
            as I open my eyes.


I saw the cockroach I bathed with
who fell Like Indiana Jones! Out of the faucet
into the lake.


And like that -
Stolen . replaced

Guilt is the significant emotion felt post-wakeup. A petty guilt wide and moldy., Somehow, I know it is a mask with it’s own mask, and so-on. Somehow
I know it is growth disguised as revelation.

Not to be weird but
But other people are here.
As the Sun sets
Invisible to me from east facing windows.

instead .. . I feel the performance of the fluorescence of undead pressing upon me.

Like laptop heat or my comforter
Fade to mind:

Erased family
Bang on my windows at night
And cause invisible things to fall
And manifest in my dreams.
Hyperrealistic members
Haunt the subconscious.

If only I could reach out to them
Grasp them and let them go.
But they are behind glass
Of windows
The oven
The bathroom mirror.

Fantasies push into nothing.

Fade in: