Henry Roundtrip Marton Newman is a multi-hyphenate artist working in New York City. Using light and transparency as his primary medium, Henry explores how the mental and physical experience of loss or absence can be reconstructed into rewarding new forms.

Contact me at: henryRMnewman@gmail.com

  1. Love Escapes Extinction
  2. Golden Rainbow
  3. Untitled (For Ross)
  4. My Sources Are Confidential
  5. Light! 1
  6. Light! 2
  7. Nowhere


Exhibition History:

- Love Escapes Extinction | Providence, RI
May 2021

- Viral Content | Woods Gerry Gallery
May 2021

- Judaica | Goldfarb Gallery
April 2021

- Memories and How We Hold Them | Gelman Gallery
April 2021

-Otherwise Unsaid | Granoff Center
December 2019

Work Experience:

-Fine Arts Fabricator | Andrea Woodner
June - August 2019
Planned and enacted the complete fabrication of
found-wood sculptures for artist. Problem solved
around minimal availability of woodworking machinery.
Consulted with the artist directly on preferred
techniques for construction, and worked independently
without artist present.

-Artist Assistant | Andrei Roiter
June 2017 - July 2017
Assisted in all aspects of creation process, including
sketching new work directly onto canvas, procuring
of found imagery and construction of work. Assisted
in fine detailing of found image artwork.Was
recommended to Andrei Roiter by David Kramer.

-Artist Assistant | David Kramer
January - March 2015
Prepped canvas and detailed artwork. Managed cleaning
and upkeep of studio, painting equipment, and past
artworks. Assisted in art handling, packaging, and
shipping of large scale works.

-Artist Assistant | Saya Woolfalk
August 2014
Assisted in installment of monumental murals for solo
show at the Sugar Hill Children’s Museum of Art and
Storytelling. Traced and painted artwork directly
onto museum walls. Consulted directly with artist
on correct technique and color use.

-Studio Assistant | Beneville Studios
July 2014
Assisted in all aspects of office including graphic
design, book binding, and planning. Assisted in
administrative work of studio, including the
designing and management of company forms and
organizational systems. Engaged and consulted directly
with cliental.